1.  How do I book an appointment for a tattoo?

SGT is a custom tattoo shop by trade, and that usually necessitates a period of discussion.  Thus it is always encouraged to contact the shop to setup a consultation to discuss all aspects of the tattoo.  This process is free up to the time when a deposit is required to reserve a booking for a tattoo.


2.  Can I get a price quote on a tattoo?

Yes, however, we cannot do this over the telephone, or by email.  Please come by the shop and we will be happy to give you a rough estimate.


3.  Why a deposit and what does it cover?

Since cancellations can account for a lot of wasted time, for both parties, deposits are necessary.  The amount of the deposit is dependent on the estimated final cost of the tattoo.  They also ensure the date of your appointment is reserved, and helps to reduce the final payment of your tattoo.


We can transfer deposits for rescheduled appointments, provided we are given 48 hours notice and the rescheduling is not a chronic issue, or the result of an unreasonably late arrival.


Lastly, deposits are nonrefundable.


4.  Can I see the design before appointment?

Yes, you most certainly may.  A time can be arranged to see the drawing during the consultation when your appointment is booked.


5.  Do you take walk-ins?

Absolutely we do!  If time permits we thoroughly enjoy tattooing walk-ins.  Your best course of action is to call the shop to determine whether you can be accommodated that day.  Please note that a time slot for a walk-in is never guaranteed without a deposit.  If we don't have time for walk-ins that day feel free to drop by during our Walk-In Sunday.


6.  Do you accept cards?

At present we accept cash only.


7.  Is there an age restriction?

Yes.  All patrons must be at least 18 years of age to get tattooed.  There are no exceptions.


8.  Do you perform piercings?

No we do not.  SGT is, and always will remain, a tattoo shop only.


9.  Can I bring a friend with me for my appointment?

Yes, however, not every artist allows spectators at their workstation;  In those cases your companion is more than welcome to wait for you in our waiting area.


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